Jason Hughes

A cider drinking bumpkin from Somerset...

I live, work and play in Portishead (that's the town not the band). I'm not Jason Hughes the actor (born one year after me), or Jason Hughes fashionister or Jason Hughes the racing car driver (born one year before me) - and I'm probably not very good at any of those skills to try to pretend to be any of them either.

I work as a technical project manager dealing with the internet, property websites and SEO (Google Sites are pants for SEO - so far it seems - how is that!?!). I run a free site for Bristol property which lists houses for sale in Bristol.

In my spare time I'm into running, swimming and cycling. I may even attempt a triathlon one day. I love being outside. I'm married with two lovely daughters. My wife runs a ballet shop which sells some great quality but affordable ballet shoes and dance-wear.

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